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4040 Arcade

Something For Everyone

Pandora's Box

4040 Arcade is as modern as it gets with all of the virtual games and rides, but we didn't forget about those who grew up with all the classics. Loaded on the system, is over 1,000 games! Including Street Fighter, 5 different versions of PacMan and so much more all in one place. 

Virtual Reality Pods

Virtual Reality has become one of the highest climbing concepts of 2018 and we take it higher. Our systems include over 200 games, whether you're a kid wanting to float through candy land, or an adult wanting to fight some zombies, we've got it all. Plus our pods will move around as you play to make it feel truly like a reality!

Claw Machines

Located not only inside the arcade but in the mall, we have ample claw machines filled with different characters. Pop in $1 and try to win a novelty stuffed Superman! 

**The claw machines can also be ordered if you're interested in owning a few** 


Have you ever tried riding bumper cars before? For the few people that answer yes, what about with laser tag? No? Well not only are our bumper cars equipped with (adjustable) speed, but they also have laser tag that makes it fun for everyone riding!


No time to go to the court to shoot some hoop, well come to the arcade and do the same. Challenge yourself with trying to beat a new score each round. You decide if you keep going or not!

Animal/Motorcycle Rides

 Inside the arcade is a race track where the motorcycle and animal rides can roam free! They are equipped with lots of lights and music to make the ride more fun and enjoyable. Able to become slow enough for kids under 5 but also fast enough for those who have a license and a need for speed! 

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